I enjoy the following : BONDAGE & DISCIPLINE, Cross Dressing, Domination, Fetishes, Foot fetish, Abasement, Role Play,Fantasy Converse, Smoking Fetish – using you as an ashtray, Spanking, Strap On have fun, Truss and Taunt, Ejaculation Denial, male chastity/submission, subjugation and being treated like a Goddess, very respected… – I am a real Mistress, I am mean, requesting, sarcastic and sadomasochistic, with a low tolerance for bullshit. I hope my gimps to entertain Me, satiate Me and submit to Me completely. I am here to take advantage of your weakness, to use you and abuse you for My own refreshment ! Your wishes only matter IF I want them to matter. Complying Me is your privilege and you might lose your opportunity if I am bored.

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